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About me ...

A bit of a background


    "My obsession lies within the emotional energy transferred or attached onto and into an object, idea or person and how these objects influence our behavior ,identity and our preception of the other and the world."

   I was born in Formosa , which is on the Argentinian border

with Paraguay at the edge of the Amazon's rainforest. I was shaped by the nomadic way my family lived for the first years of my life.

   Finallly relocated in Tucuman,I studied and gained a first

grade degree in Fine Arts at the National University. I also worked

in Theatre,Dance and Set Design ,these experiences are present in work and inform my practice until now.

About my work

  I'm a Multidisciplinary artist, working with drawing, photography, printmaking and building materials.

  My work varies in scale from very small pieces to large installations.


  Influenced by Merleu-Ponty’s writings in ­understanding perception to be an ongoing dialogue between one's lived body and the world which it perceives. My perception is fragmented and disjointed , due to lived experiences and personal biological characteristics.These are reflected on all areas of my work, regardless of the technique used. A chaotic view of the the word is also present in my clumsy attempts to organise and put together again the different parts of my practice and fragile perception of everything that surround us.

   In my photography I present sensory experiences projected beyond the skin from an active role of caring, questioning where is the line separating the inside from the outside and the lack of control. Reflecting on the complexity of emotions, fluctuating from tender love to destruction and their materialisation, primarily in my body extending to my family’s bodies and the landscape.


My workshops

   My workshops are fully tailored to the group's need.

   I am interested in the participants' journeys exploring concepts and ideas, initially, through drawing,writing and photography.

   Object inspired, I use my own artistic practice to contextualise what they’ make and to demonstrate to them different artistic techniques.

   I create an environment where open dialogue is encouraged allowing the participants to let go without judgement and engage in a safe environment to explore their imagination.

Let’s Work Together !

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