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Cabinet of Curiosities

 During the Summer of 2013, I was invited to create a project for Ada Court, a retirement house in Maida Vale,London

 The aim was to change the 3rd Floor's communal area and involve the residents in creative activities while opening a space to share and exchange. This is how the project Cabinet of Curiosities was born. I designed a series of 3D workshops . The participants were invited to bring a personal object that was important to them and to create their own memory boxes to be displayed in the alcove in the Cabinet of Curiosities.

The participants learnt how to build basic forms in cardboard, collage and painting techniques.  People who had no previous experience in making things with their hands learnt how to use cutting knives, different kind of glues and the possibilities of paper and card.

Soon,they were coming and going telling me stories about their lives ,making objects in their chosen technique and in the process,getting to know each other. This very fluid and dynamic intervention lasted several weeks.


At the end of the project,  I redecorated the communal area and installed their portraits alongside their works of art.

“This has been the most successful project so far”

Beth and Frances (Organisers)



—Giselle, 3rd Floor Resident

“This is good because in here everyone keeps themselves to themselves”.

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