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In 2021 I had the pleasure to meet Lorry Dawson, Acting Chair at the Refugee and Migrant Network Sutton* and we discussed the possibility to create workshops tailored to their clients.

I thought the best way to speak about complex realities and situations was through Creative Collaging. I use this technique in my own artistic practice and it allows me to layer in a simple piece of paper: different times, stories,images.

We ran the workshops in March 2022 and I am happy to say that the work surprised even their makers. We have installed a temporary exhibition with the selected works at SDC in St. Nicholas Shopping Centre. You can visit it until the 20th May 2022.

*RMNS’s core activities are giving immigration advice and English classes to refugees and migrants in the Sutton area (see Our students come from 50 different countries and their experience in life is incredibly rich and varied.  

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