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Home Sweet Home

Argentina as an ex colony from the Spanish crown saw the introduction of different crops through the stablishment of religious settlements. The sugar cane was introduced in Tucuman by the Jesuits.  By the end of the 19th Century and during the first half of the 20th C Tucuman was a powerful and prosperous state,relying in the slavement of aborigens. During Ongania's military coup , the hegemonic class looking into taking over the resources and the capital impulsed changes that culminated with the closure of 11 Ingenios (sugar cane processing factories) leaving thousands of families without income and impulsed the privatization of the land. Workers had to migrate to find work,here it is where the  expression "trabajador golondrina" (golondrina=swallow),migrant worker was born.

These events shaped the society and economy of the country and the relationship between the cities and the capital.

Racism is one of colonization's biproducts,ironically, the whiter the sugar the more processed,the lower the quality.

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