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Maternal Art Magazine: Issue One - "Stay At Home"

MAM is a new art magazine focusing on artists from around the world producing work about the maternal.

In February 2020 I was honoured to receive Helen Sargeant*'s invitation to contribute to MAM's first issue, Stay At Home was out in June 2020 and It was an absolute honour to publish my work with an incredible group of artists!

As MAM Editor - Helen describes it: "Stay At Home is a response to the pandemic, the interruption, and anxiety that each day we are all having to live with. MAM was born initially as a way to distract me from looking too often at the news and becoming depressed, a way to be creative, collaborate, communicate and engage with other artists and mothers during this crisis. MAM’s wish is that this first issue of the magazine will provide its readers with a small moment of joy during this international crisis. MAM: Stay At Home, has been produced at the kitchen table in-between the on-going drama of daily family life, the caring and coaxing of children to do their schoolwork, the cuddling of cats, cooking, clearing up and feeding the washing machine with yet more laundry.” 


*artist and academic based in Todmorden, Yorkshire, UK. Background image of her authory.


Get your physical or digital copy here.

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