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Work in progress

During lockdown we all lost control of our lives and I wanted to explore this through a photographic series is focusing on motherhood.

The moment I became a mother, control over my life

was relinquished. Paradoxically, one of the most

terrifying aspects of motherhood is that you never

know how your experience is going to pan out.

And you have NO CONTROL over it,

even though you are the mother and the bearer of

life to your child.

Mothers are judged on a daily basis by society and the people around them for their ability to control, by controlling their kids, controlling their bodies after giving birth, controlling their ability to work and keeping control of their appearance.

I believe women, female artists and mothers' work is still undervalued

and marginalised and not being celebrated for their amazing achievements.

This is the inspiration for this series of photographs; women /mothers in their houses, rooms and gardens, but in which everyday objects play a disguising game, sometimes covering fully the women identities.

My work explores the many facets of the female role as a mother in the domestic environment,particularly the states that are rarely spoken or represented in social media. 


The Mother as a life giver, Mother as a nurturing force, Mother as a career, Mother as a creative, Mother as CULTURE MAKER, mother as a bread winner, and the list goes on and on.

All these, sometimes contradicting and co existing facets are rarely

spoken about and how motherhood affects women’s mental health.

These photographs inspired the Community project; Photo-journaling in Sutton

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