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Suttons' blueprint -2023

In December 2023 I was commissioned for a second time by the London Borough of Sutton

to create a cyanotype animated artwork, made up of over 3,500 cyanotype images.

The 9 minutes film was projected on the white weatherboarded rear facade of Whitehall Historic House, the event

was attended by 0ver 100 people on the coldest night of the year (Images here)

I worked on this piece for 3 months , firstly visiting the Borough's archives, scanning and photographing materials

and objects.I also used found footage. Then I filmed around the area historical places and contemporary events. I

also choreographed body movements to add to the final piece.

I created a living, breathing, constantly changing representation of where I live, making connections between the

past and the present day, through the layering of sequencing of all my images.

My commissioners were so happy with my work that they offered me to exhibit my work and the process in

January 2024.

Images from my process

Opening night-1st December 
Whitehall Historic House

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