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Hackbridge’s First Art Fair

I am organising Hackbridge’s First Art Fair this Sunday 6th- 10 am -3pm. Local artists and makers will be displaying their work and a percentage of the sales will go to support Claudio’s amazing work in our community garden.

I thought this is the perfect opportunity to show these series of works.

During the second lockdown I was reading #thespellofsensuous by David Abram. I had been interested for a long time in perception and the pandemic highlighted it. We walked by the #wandleriver daily,during our walks I carried sensitised paper paper, which I exposed to nature and the shadows when we stopped for a break. I am well aware of the scientific use of Cyanotypes , and in this process I wanted to do the opposite.; fleeting moments of peace, shadows, #uncertainty , #fragility These resulted in not so great prints most of them ,but there are a few I have kept. Some of them are still carrying the polen that fell on them or the mud from the river where I washed them. By the end I started researching #williammorris ‘ works inspired by the #wandle and his daughter’s work ,May Morris.

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