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Hot off the Press!

My Photo Journaling book is out!!!

I couldn’t be prouder.

During the 3rd lockdown I run a series of Photo Journaling sessions for mothers and carers in the UK.

As a Founder, Mother and advisor of the Maternal Journal project since 2017, I have experienced first-hand how journaling improves people’s wellbeing and how rewarding it is to be surrounded by like-wise souls. As I looked forward to developing this new route in my professional practice, I decided to combine two of my passions, photography and community work. I reached out to other mothers and carers going through similar journeys and alongside Artists Network Sutton Grants support; this adventure started.

We met online once a week through workshops, and I helped them write and photograph their daily life while I also photographed them.

Our meetings were intimate, intense and revealing. The work produced on paper reflected strong and personal feelings. For this reason, this publication focuses on these photographic outcomes.

If you would like to purchase a copy please email

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